Don’t Become A Buddhist!

I didn’t become a Buddhist to become a Buddhist.
I became a Buddhist to find out about the nature of reality.
I didn’t come here to be a Buddhist and add to my charade.
I follow the Buddha’s teachings.

Buddhism is a series of methods and principles aimed at training our minds, and dropping the attitude that limits our potential. It is the path to end suffering, and the realisation of our enlightened nature. These teachings help us to understand how we are, and recognise the mistaken ‘I’ that pure consciousness clings to.

In reality, we are all Buddhas – but at the moment, we are sleeping Buddhas.
As long as we are Buddhists, we will remain asleep: we have to become constant practitioners.

Every encounter is an opportunity to drop the ‘I’ attitude – although we do need a little social ‘i’, a little ego, to function. We just have to know the difference. In this way, we can communicate without smothering. We don’t think that, because we are Buddhist, we should be or act in a certain way. There is just perception, which can be transformed into pure perception, pure consciousness. This is love in action.

Conventionally, we might say, “I am Buddhist” so that the other person has an idea about where we are coming from – but if the ‘I’ becomes ‘Buddhist’, this is just another charade.

When we become spiritually aware, we become decent human beings.
Without a label.
Labels divide us.

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