The Pointing Out Instruction
The pointing out of the essence of being.

It’s obvious … when pointed out.
It’s quite ordinary, having no special or distinctive features.
It’s normal, and yet ignored at every moment, while ever-present.

We all have perception, so we perceive. That perceiving is awareness.
We all have awareness: the point to observe is that ‘we have’ something. We create a duality.

What is we? What am I?
We don’t usually stop to ask this question as we are too busy perceiving, and identifying with appearances that give us pleasure or pain.

What is it that is aware or conscious?
Now, we can come to the point.

When all activity stops and we (this body and mind identification) become motionless, awareness finds nothing but awareness. No thing but consciousness. That is it. We are motionless consciousness, pure consciousness. That is it. In that moment of realisation, there is no me, no ‘I am’.

To think, ‘I am’, takes time, and removes us from the timeless moment now. Pure consciousness has gone into the reflection.

Now, to function as a human being, we have to oscillate in and out of pure consciousness.
Oscillate: vary in magnitude or position in a regular manner about a central point.

Depending on our personality and tendencies – our set point of unique characteristics of expression – pure consciousness, as an inner core, moves out to appearances, reacts and returns. The density of the impure sheath – which is illusory – around our inner core will determine the magnitude or position we take, dictating our bias or the degree to which we react. The word ‘regular’ is a changeable set point for every individual; this refers to our tendencies – some days are good while others are bad, but pure consciousness is ever-present. Spiritually speaking, we only come out of pure consciousness to love, and then return to pure consciousness. This happens very quickly and it’s natural: to function, we need a little i.

Our only problem is forgetting our central point: our inner core of pure consciousness. As a result, we swing out of control in all directions, like a magnet attracted and repelled by everything around it.

The essence of being is being normal.
When the essence of being attaches itself to something other, this is abnormal.
Abnormal: Latin abnormis – ‘monstrous’ 😀

If this doesn’t make sense, then be happy with your own understanding because we all express uniquely.

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  1. tony says:

    The pointing out instruction, is coming at the teachings from the ultimate point of view – the end of the book.
    The only practice required is to remember.
    If we do forget or feel confused, it is then that we apply teachings from the beginning of the book.
    The beginning of the book applies shamata and vipassana practices – watching the breath and insight meditation.
    And a lot of study! In any case we never forget the mindfulness in our conduct, which means love,compassion and staying happy!

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