Believing In God Is A Distraction From God Consciousness
Disproving God or believing in God are both a misunderstanding

Whatever we want to call ultimate reality, or whether we try to disprove reality or believe in reality, none of these is reality itself, is it?

For ultimate, supreme reality to be acknowledged, it has to be recognised by the same quality. Natural supreme consciousness – our true being – has never been confused. It has only been distracted to look elsewhere. All ideas that come into our mind have been acquired from outside that mind. These ideas confuse.

We are constantly misunderstanding.

Do you believe scientists when they say that the universe (space) is expanding? Expanding into what? How can there be an end to space? If there is an end, there must be a beginning of something beyond. Could the idea of God or the Buddha be a distraction from our supreme being? All ideas are beliefs, and therefore a distraction.

Of course, it’s our choice to believe or not: we cannot be told to believe or not believe, as that is up to us. All possibilities should be considered to see what is left. We don’t have to believe everything we are told: only by testing for ourselves do we know.

Is the path leading to the destination? Or is the path the destination itself?

When we realise that we are supreme consciousness – and have always been supreme consciousness – then there is no path, as the path has always been an illusion.

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