Does Spiritual Progress Really Matter?

Does it really matter how much we care about our spiritual reality?

The only time we are in reality is when we cut the code in our programming, our habitual view of life that was gleaned from those around us. We think, “If everyone else is doing it, how can it be wrong?” It is our personal choice “whether to suffer the slings and arrows of outrageous fortune or by opposing end them.”

I am just a student who writes a blog about personal experiences that come to mind, and I’m subject to the same frailties as everyone else. We may be full of knowledge and insight, but if we’re not practised in quiet solitude of motionless body, speech and mind, that knowledge and insight is futile. It really does matter how we practise and what we practise: being half-hearted lengthens our journey. ‘Short moments many times’ has to be precise.

We put off practice, maybe thinking we will do it later – when we feel that the time is right. This is a result of being caught up in our personal programming of putting things off. In our final days, we need to review life and see it was fruitful, and not a waste of time.

There is more to us than earning a living and playing games. In meditation, we find out what we truly are, rather than being a creature living in hope and fear.

Refining, purifying and ascending in levels is all about recognition of what matters.

Who Cares, Wins
We do care, but what are we caring about?
How much should we careIf we do not care,
then we neglect.

Who neglects, loses.
Who cares, wins.

Meditation is just pressing the pause button!

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