Why ‘The Moment Now’ Is So Important

The guru is not the teacher.
The moment now is the teacher.

The guru can only tell us about the moment now.
The moment now is consciousness.

If we are not in the moment now, we are dwelling in and controlled by both past thoughts and expectations of the future.

The moment now is our genuine teacher. The moment now is the product of all our past actions; all arisings are due to past associations. This product is called karma – the result of cause and effect – and it is this karma that has to be neutralised. We can still act upon memories, but karma is no longer our controlling force. The more karma is reduced, the more space we have, and the more we are liberated from the effects of the past. Consciousness is the moment now!

The demonic world around us wants us to react, filling up space with fear, desire, pride and jealousy. Its whole purpose it to get us to ignore, and so forget, our true nature of pure consciousness. When we react, we are no longer in the moment now. We are imprisoned, and consciousness in the moment now is the key to liberation. Consciousness is space; space sees clearly. It is only in the moment now that we experience and realise joy.

Don’t hang onto the teacher,
or the teacher’s moment now.

We are the moment now.
Goodness knows why we give away the moment now!

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