Pavlov’s Dogs*
Conditioned Reflex, Psychic Secretions,
Dopamine, Addiction, Virtual Reality
= Mind Hack!

Exploitation of the vulnerable is demonic activity: it uses spiritual teachings to profit from human frailty, utilising the three poisons of hope, fear and indifference that govern all our actions.

It’s not enough that we should like something: demonic activity wants us to be addicted to it, continually grabbing our attention so that we have no time to rest and experience reality, rather than virtual reality. Our lives are spent in anticipation. We give the ‘thumbs up’ to bullshit, while hoping that others will, in turn, give us the thumbs up. This is how we learn to conform.

Who are these demons?
Anyone or anything that fills our precious life with distractions, thus obscuring reality.

What is this reality?
It is the clarity of pure awareness which, unfortunately, is covered up by hopes, fear and indifference.

We are controlled by our desire to be liked, and so we learn to conform and to fear – and adherents to religion and spirituality are no exception. The words and rituals are a virtual reality, while personal experience is the realisation of actual reality, which is consciousness itself. We are consciousness.

And here is our dilemma: we may hear the words ‘awareness’ or ‘consciousness’ so much that they may start to have sentimental connotations – and sentimentality makes us over-salivate! Even the word ‘compassion’, which is merely a word, can remove us from actual compassion in actual practice.

*Pavlov’s dogs created anticipatory salivation; “psychic secretions”. Pavlov presented a stimulus (e.g. the sound of a metronome) and then gave the dogs food; after a few repetitions, the dogs started to salivate in response to the sound of a metronome.

We are all subject to this phenomenon of wanting the ‘thumbs up’, to be liked. In order to be liked, we merely have to play others’ games, and use the right spells. Do we not ‘dress up’ so that others may like us?

Merely being shown the prospect of an upgrade, we salivate. The devil knows its job, and the devil is our own ego.

Our salvation is being aware, to escape this continual process of damnation. As we move through the levels ascending to enlightenment, each level is a liberation from the limitations of the previous level. One person’s meat is another’s poison, and that person’s poison is another’s wisdom.

We have to know when we are being hacked.

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