The Consequence Of Having No Goal To Reach

This puts us at odds with 6,020,000,000 billion peoplewho believe that there isa goal; who were told about a heaven and believe in that. If others believe something we do not, then we leave them alone, and they us. Realising that we are what we seek puts us at odds with a great number of people on our planet.

According to a survey of World Religions, people who are “secular, non-religious, agnostic and atheist” account for about 14% of the world’s population:

14% of 7 billion people = 980 million people.

7,000,000,000 minus 980,000,000 people = 6,020,000,000 billion people (more or less) who believe.

Added to this, the fact that there are believers gave rise to non-believers, agnostics, atheists, secularists and the don’t knows, and so the number of people reacting to an idea of ‘heaven’ – for or against – is … huge!

Those who realise that we – being pure awareness – are what we seek, because anything known or believed exists only by the virtue of pure conscious awareness, are as rare as a blind turtle rising from the bottom of the ocean once every hundred years, and putting its head through a floating ring! Wow!

That, in itself, is an ‘enlightenment’. Of course, this is not the “Enlightenment” of a fully-realised being (whatever that is), but we now understand that we are no longer driven by our and others’ ideas or karma. We no longer adhere to others’ ways of thinking. Not having to conform to others’ standards, we realise that we are free. This can be a little unnerving, because we now confront raw experience which tells us something, rather than our imposing on a situation, thus limiting the experience.

So the consequence of there being no goal to achieve is merely the realisation that there is nothing to seek but seeing itself. This is an enlightened relief; a feeling of confident relaxation, being released from anxiety, guilt, distress, etc

It’s happiness!
“Free in the moment of seeing.”

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