Practical Philosophy / Practical Wisdom

Practical philosophy
is doing something mindfully.

Practical wisdom
is understanding the emptiness of everything
with perfect awareness.




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  1. Marcel says:

    Morning Tony, Kathie,

    How are you doing in these turbulent times? I watched the other day a presentaion of Trungpa Rinpoche on “Meditation & Surrender ” and noted the following:

    – 05:45 “Spiritual practice is based on the dissolving of the ego..”
    – 17:30 “You can’t attain enlightenement, you will perish..”
    – 19:00 “Attaining enlightenment is related to the process of giving up ego’s territory. When the ego’s territory is completely surrendered, that even the notion of surrendering itself is being surrendered, the whole thing becomes absolutely simple, utterly simple..”

    Question: When we let go, when there is no-thing left to hang on to, no reference point whatsover..; What’s left?

    Kind regards, Marcel.

    Meditation and Surrender from Chronicles of Chogyam Trungpa on Vimeo.

    • tony says:

      Good morning Marcel,
      Lovely question!

      “When we totally let go, what is left?”
      Everything remains the same, but we are no longer attached to everything.

      Of course there are levels to this, as we oscillate between attachment and non attachment. As we progress we do not oscillate so much, and everything becomes a reminder our teacher. Reminding us that we are pure awareness or consciousness.

      What is left? The reality that sees. As Tulku Urgyen says “We are free in the moment of seeing.”

      What is left?
      We are free to enjoy our self! Our self obsession is teachings us everything we need to know to be released from fixations and worries.

      What is left?
      Clarity and joy, and loving everything.
      But keep an eye on anyone coughing near you or your family! 😀

      Kind regards

  2. tony says:

    How Life Is Our Spiritual Teacher?

    There are two aspects to life. One being the material and mental world in which we live, which is impermanent, and the other, is the reality that is purely aware, consciousness itself, that is aware of this material mental world.

    In the material mental world there are many spiritual teachers, but they are only a reminder of what to look for. The teacher or the words are not the reality, our pure experience is. Don’t even take the Buddha’s word for it. In this way we find the nowness, a uniqueness for this age, to express this universal reality.

    Whatever occurs in life shows us our reactions, identifications and beliefs that we hold onto that obscure the reality within. This is why we should be grateful and most of all, happy with life. The life we exist in is a product of our past. All those little decisions that we made build up to this moment. All those reactions that build up are our karma.

    Whatever occurs, go gently…. 😀

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