Inspirational ‘Rumours’

We hear things from the past,
and there is no point believing any of it.

There will be, however, something said that will touch and inspire us to experience what those words mean, and take our first steps towards realising enlightenment.

Buddha, Christ, Shiva may never have existed, but there will be something in the ‘rumours’ of what they said that illuminates and enlightens our mind. It could be a text or phrase, or even a couple of words.

At a certain time and place, the penny drops and the dots join up: we get it.
And that is that Buddha, Christ, Shiva all said the same thing – “Not two”!

Once we understand the essence of anything, we realise possibilities, and exactly what caused ‘the spanner in the works’ – something that prevents success.

First, there is one.
Then, there are two.
Then, they are one.

The one is me.
The two is pure being noticing me.
Not two: appearance and recognition are simultaneous.

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