An Idea Is Like A Virus

An idea is like a virus; going undetected, it duplicates itself and infects others, corrupting and destroying the whole system. Memes are like that. An idea is placed into a society and is taken up and repeated, becoming a fashion, or cult. Media devotees play their part by religiously following and becoming addicted to influencers.

Idea-viruses become more plausible once other idea-viruses have been established. We need a strong immune system for protection.

How do we detect an inner virus?

In the silence of meditation,
we clearly see the mind repeating itself.
We may feel the virus of doubt or fear;
in seeing this doubt or fear, gain confidence in the seeing.

Recognition and liberation are simultaneous.

Our problem is that we can’t help playing with our virus, and infecting others. That’s how a society runs 😦

The seeing is the truth.
Know your virus, and be happy.

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