The Problem With Realisation

The problem with the realisation that we are pure consciousness is dealing with others who have not realised this fundamental truth. Their life is about other things.

Before realisation, we chit chat, swap opinions, laugh at others, show off what we know, and change the subject to our superiority. Not a nice world at all!

Now that we realise, our heart sinks. This realisation was joyous, but is now tinged with sadness and frustration. For this reason, empathy and compassion are so important for, without these, we will go back to our old ways, becoming even more obnoxious and arrogant! 😀

As none of this is real, life is dreamlike
– so what do we do in this dreamworld?

We play along with dreamlike karma, accepting all that occurs in the mind. Our past actions and indifference have created karma/fate/this moment. Aware of these souvenirs, these mementos, we find that we no longer need to cling to them. In this way, old brain concepts and taking sides are no longer relevant. What a relief! Oh, joy! Epiphany!

Life becomes more ethereal and dreamlike. We merely go through the motions of being human.

The poverty-stricken (those who never have enough things or knowledge ie hell beings, hungry ghosts, those with animal mentality, the desire-obsessed, jealous gods and gods) can never find true happiness as everything is real to them, and they have to guard the trinket-souvenirs that fill their minds.

Souvenir: from Latin subvenire ‘occur to the mind’.

Swap souvenirs for compassionate wisdom!

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