The Truth Is Hidden In Plain Sight

Plain: not decorated or elaborate, simple or basic in character without a pattern or colour bearing no indication as to contents or affiliation.

It is said that certain teachings are secret. Well, they’re not. It is just that non-practitioners won’t understand the words as they haven’t had the experience that led up to those words. The uninitiated think truth is a mystery, when the truth is just what sees = plain sight = pure consciousness.

Even if we explain the truth (the secret) to ordinary folk, they cannot see it as their mind already relies on others’ ideas. The truth is only hidden from a confused mind because it misunderstands.

Evil knows ‘there is one born every minute’.
We are seen as prey,
– the plunder taken in war –
stealing sanity.
Evil wants uninformed consent.

The secret is our reality of pure consciousness.
It’s not hidden!

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