Know Your Own Mind

Know your own mind. Know your frame of mind. Know your mindset the mood in which we find ourselves, that causes us to have a particular attitude to something. Know why your mind behaves the way it does.

Is this behaviour you, or just an attachment to addictive memories acquired through experiences, which are created through interaction and reaction to others?

Where is you in this mind?
Can it be found?

The answer is for us to realise rather than to read or hear, which is just words. As a clue, the answer has to be that which pure and uncontaminated to see clearly. That is what we are. We are not our ideas, but somehow, our ideas govern our behaviour.

These acquired ideas are the prison that makes us go round in habitual circles. To escape this imprisonment, all we have to do is be aware that we have placed ourselves in this imagined prison through trying to please others … who are also in the very same predicament. 🙂

Who are we trying to impress?
Just drop out.

Drop out: to not do something that we were going to do, or to stop doing something before we have completely finished.

Reacting is pure hell. 😀 Anger and frustration arise, but do not act these out, thereby breaking the cycle of imprisonment. In that very first moment of seeing that something isn’t right and before allocating blame lies pure wisdom.

The Dalai Lama suggests, “Go and punch a pillow!” 😀

Wisdom is knowing that our true reality is that of others.
This is the power in compassion
when stupidity presents itself.

No blame, just understanding.
This is how true kindness starts.

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