Real Or Synthetic?

Natural is being in harmony with nature.
Synthetic imitates nature.

We have to realise what is natural to us,
and what is artificial and man-made.

What is natural?
It is our original, essential nature of pure consciousness
that is always present and never fades,
and neither is it made by causes and conditions.

When we allow others to speak and choose for us,
it is we who become synthetic – an imitation, not the real thing.

Those who speak and choose for us
want humanity to become packages of beliefs,
creating conformity of unoriginality.
The cult of the manufactured individual!

Realising that we have a voice and that we have something to say,
we can choose a life that is natural and meaningful to us.

Are you synthetic, or are you the real thing?
Be very careful of the answer!

If I say that I am the real thing,
that self-identity is what the synthetic imitation that never questions would say.

If I realise that I am synthetic,
that realisation can only be experienced by pure consciousness.

Pure consciousness isn’t a big deal.
It’s what we are, and it’s nothing special or extraordinary.

We follow others who claim to be the ‘real deal’ while, in reality,
we are all Buddha nature – enlightened nature.

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