Fear Of Letting Go Of The Practice

We cling to ‘authentic’ names and sounds, using Sanskrit and Tibetan words to feel safe and protected. This all adds to the illusion of practice, and is very attractive and lucky-charming :-).

But unless we can let go, we will always fear being alone – even those who isolate themselves, along with their fixations.

Letting go means accepting every moment as it arises. There are many adepts who adapted to life: one was a doorman at a brothel, one crushed sesame seeds, another was a shepherd – and yet another was a carpenter’s son …

Ultimately, we do not need temples, caves or wooden huts.
We don’t need anything.
Where we are is karmically precise, in order to bring an end to karma.

If we rely on the past, it’s like saying,
“I don’t want to think; I want to rely on thoughts.”

Resolve to stay with the present,
until something more refined comes along.

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