Hackable You

Hacking: the gaining of unauthorised access to data in a system or computer.

Through the media and technologies, humans have been trained to believe anything. Small suggestions first, ‘for your good’, followed by slight variations to develop the idea. And voila! We are in a ‘new normal’. We receive information, and believe it or react against it; either way, we are taught to jump through hoops, and it’s noted. Once this is achieved, digital technology can now predict and guide us to conform and perform.

Our judgements are not our own.
Had any original thoughts lately?
Beware of ‘low hanging fruit’, proclaiming easy answers.

Memories are merely programming. Each generation imposes ideas and trauma onto the next. We should be aware when we think we know something! When an idea is fed into a society, it spreads through gossip. Technologies can now follow everything we do, and read our minds = read and feed!

Reactions in the comments section of digital news items and videos says more about us than the news item or video.

An easy answer is not the same as a simple answer.
Dharma (the teaching on our reality) is simple, but not easy to understand,
as we have to cut through our mind’s programming.

In fact, we – consciousness – have to hack ourself.
This unauthorised access to our mind cuts through
the official approved or authorised version we’ve adopted.

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