Have You Started Your Journey Yet?

Our journey to realise our enlightened essence starts when we let go of where we are now, mentally speaking. It’s a metaphor for a path to where we actually are, right now. Where we are right now is either head-in-the-sand or head-in-the-clouds.

This path to enlightenment (actually, to happiness) is discovering our true reality as opposed to the one we have adopted, or had imposed on us. We go alone, maybe rubbing shoulders with others of a similar inclination once in a while.

Our path starts when we let go of self-interest, self-importance and self-obsession – and we let go of ‘The Path’, that lifestyle organisation that we are attached to, along with an adopted group-think … group-self.

Our transcendence begins when we kick all supports away, and free fall.
It’s very unnerving, so we watch every step … doubt … okay … doubt … okay … okay … !

When we free fall into what seems like a bottomless pit,
there is nowhere safer.

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