The Craft And The Art Of Dharma

The craft of the Dharma is studying text and going to lectures: it’s all very interesting and consuming, and we can learn to recite this and that.

But the actual Dharma is the spontaneous moment now. This is the art of living. Realisation is more to do with our countenance, our behaviour, our manner, than how scholarly we are; that is merely being crafty. 🙂

The craft is all about us.
The art is all about other.

The craft is rehearsed performance,
and shows how interesting we are.

The art is improvised, spontaneous happening
– the ability to communicate and, most important of all, listen –
and show we are interested.

Know doctrine, no communication.
No doctrine, know communication.

Craft is exoteric
– known by the many –
and is the mark of this dark age.

Art is esoteric
– realised by the few –
and will be our future world.

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