Conspiracy Theories Work

They always have.

Conspiracy theories are made to divert consciousness away from itself.
The ulterior motive of conspiracy is just that,
rather than the conspiracies themselves.

As long as people jump up and down and complain, the conspiracy is working, making us look in another direction. People become ‘celebrities’ through pointing out the conspiracies, but they merely enable the illusion to continue.

“But there are conspiracies!”
Everything that has been interpreted for us is a conspiracy, a secret unlawful plan.

Secret: because we are encouraged to ignore our true reality of pure consciousness.
Unlawful: as we act against the very essence (pure) of nature (consciousness).
Plan: to keep us in ignorance of pure consciousness.

As long as the majority of humanity is kept in confusion, it can be – and is – manipulated. Humanity has therefore always been the target for forgetfulness 🙂

Enlightenment: stop being fooled.

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    World Economic Forum is an openly known fact.No longer a conspiracy theory.A fact against humanity.The question is: Ignore it?

  2. Anonymous says:

    Just in case anyone thinks that this blogger does not understand genuine conspiracies, think again.
    I have mentioned human manipulation many times. The point of this article is to show how our gross reactions enable this evil to continue: our negative reactions are the evil that lies in ambush.

    If we were to get rid of one lot of selfish people, those who think that they can control others will take their place. We are not going to be able to change the world just yet.

    The reason I write a blog that is not publicised is that the Dzogchen teachings are most precious at this moment in time. It is for those who are empathetic to this view.


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