The true nature of desire, aversion and ignorance.

Desire = Emptiness.

Aversion = Awareness.

Ignorance= Compassion.

Our ‘being’ is Empty, meaning pure sacred space. Desire fills that sacred space with concepts.

Our ‘being’ is also Awareness, meaning has a knowing quality. Aversion arises when an “I” is created and we start judging.

Our ‘being’ is Compassion, meaning confident joy of being. Ignorance arises when empty awareness forgets its true nature, and that of others.

Emptiness = Ultimate truth.

Awareness = Relative truth.

Compassion = the unity of Ultimate and Relative truths.

This is where a balance is needed.

If one remains just in Emptiness, one can become spaced out = Nihilism.

If one remains just in Awareness, things and oneself will appear solid = Eternalism.

There is therefore no chance of real love.

The important point is that, when the negative aspects arise, if one is aware of the quality of one’s true being, these negative aspects immediately remind us of our true qualities

That is wisdom. That is unconditional love.


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