Life Is Too Short …
… to never have a mind to mind connection with someone

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I know what it’s like not having anyone to express how you feel about life. Our problems are not all our fault: we live in a very disturbing world. In fact, that which is said to ease our pain is actually making it worse. We are told to believe things, and that creates further doubts becausebeliefis not certainty, and so we lack confidence. We are then told, “Well, your belief isn’t strong enough” … that’s no way to live.

As there is an illusory pyramid of evil, there is also the reality pyramid of enlightened attitude. Bodhisattvas actually move over to the illusory pyramid of evil in order to illustrate the original pyramid of reality. Sins are illusory, although our actions create illusory karma that still hurts this illusory body and illusory mind.

The point is that, whatever happens to this body and mind, pure consciousness is always present. There no getting away from it!

This is a vow that Bodhisattvas take to work for the benefit of others; it is not to be taken lightly. The word “Buddha” means awake and pure. There are nine levels of Bodhisattvas, all the way up to enlightenment. Taking this vow means that one’s life will never be the same again.

Bodhisattva Vow.

Just as the earth and the other three elements, together with space,

eternally nourish and sustain all beings.

So may I become that source of nourishment and sustenance which

maintains all beings situated throughout space, as long as all have

not attained to peace.

When the Sugatas of former times committed themselves to the

Bodhicitta, they gradually established themselves in the practice of a Bodhisattva.

So I too commit myself to the Bodhicitta for the welfare of beings

and will gradually establish myself in the practice of a Bodhisattva.

Today my birth has become fruitful; my birth as a human is justified.

Today I am born in the Buddha family; I am now a child of the Buddha.

Now I am determined to perform those acts appropriate to my family;

I will not violate the purity of this faultless noble family.

Just as a blind man wandering about comes upon a jewel in a heap of refuse,

so, apparently by chance, the Bodhicitta is born in me.

That supreme amrita destroying death.

The inexhaustible hidden treasure relieving the universal poverty.

The supreme cure for calming the universal ill.

The tree which shelters beings weary of wandering the paths of samsara.

The vehicle for all travellers passing over distress.

The moon of mind which cools the heat of desire.

The great sun dispelling the obscurity of ignorance.

The butter made from churning the milk of the Dharma.

The great happiness for those travellers wandering the path of samara

searching for object of enjoyment.

In the presence of all the Buddhas, I have invited all the Tathagatas

and all beings as my guests. Devas and Asuras rejoice.

Taking the Bodhisattva vow is an expression of settling down and making ourselves at home in this world. We are constantly exposing ourselves for the benefit of sentient beings while having no concerns that somebody is going to attack us or destroy us. In fact, we are even giving up our ambition to attain enlightenment in favour of relieving the suffering and difficulties of people.

Nevertheless, helplessly, we attain enlightenment anyway. Bodhisattvas and great Tathagatas in the past have taken this step, and we too can do so. It is simply up to us whether we are going to accept this richness, or reject it and settle for a poverty-stricken mentality.

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2 Responses to LIFE IS TOO SHORT…

  1. Obbs says:

    ” In fact, we are even giving up our ambition to attain enlightenment in favour of relieving the suffering and difficulties of people.

    Nevertheless, helplessly, we attain enlightenment anyway ”

    Hi Tony
    I think this maybe the best conduct one could adopt.
    Definitely not easy for me, but I am focusing on that from now on.
    Thank you

    • tony says:

      Hello Obbs,
      We can simply listen creating a space or an environment for others to see.

      It is important to understand that whatever we experience is karmic, neither right or wrong and, of itself, produces no further karma.

      Any karmic repercussions depend entirely on how we respond.

      Have a great day

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