Some days nothing happens.

 Some days we just doesn’t feel inspired. It could be a neutral kind of feeling, or just a jaded feeling. (jaded : I’ve done this all before and I’m bored!) Those are the days when a good routine or discipline is important: whatever practice we do, it’s beneficial to complete it properly and to the exact allocated time. Then do something different!

 It is at those challenging times when our habitual behaviour comes to the fore…and we want to give up! This is a can’t-be-bothered giving up, rather than a just-letting-go giving up, and is one of the reasons that, during practice, we break it for a moment or two…and relax: sometimes, we don’t realise we are getting tense!

 The point is to not merely give up. Somedays we just have to go mechanically through a practice – and actually, something is happening!

 Quite often we reach a crossroads in life, a sort of no-man’s land. There is a void or space where we can take a different direction, and it can be unfamiliar and disconcerting. It could be very familiar and disconcerting! Doing nothing is exactly the right thing to do, and then see what comes up.

 The problem is that we cannot ‘give up’ as we will have to face the same things all over again, tomorrow, next week, next life-time. But, we can let go of giving up! This is where intelligence grows. Intelligence is letting go of what is no longer needed (trivia)…it leave space for the good stuff!

Thank goodness that on some days, nothing happens.

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