Mind control.

 There is much in the media that attracts our attention, or to put it another way, distracts out attention. Language and images will have an effect on our minds and bodies.

 If our defences are down, meaning if we are in a vacant mode, suggestive subliminal messages get through to the mind or consciousness. After all, why spend so much money on advertising? (or, to put it another way, neurolinguistic programming and neurosymbolic programming). It is intentional consciousness control. Mind control.

Throughout our life, how much in our minds is actually our own thoughts?

So much surveillance on our personal lives seems to suggest that someone wants to know how we think, read or look at. Whether this is intentional control or unintentional control, that is up to you.

We have to be aware of our own intentions, and that they are actually ours!

 Meditation is about training the mind, letting go of fixations, and not getting carried away by thoughts. It is taking control back, and not being cluttered by likes and dislikes.

 The moment our true nature (Empty Essence) recognises the appearance of thoughts, it is free of dualistic fixations.

 We all need peace of mind from the emotional turmoil created by external programmers, and our own acquired self programming: the software left on the program creates our karma.

 The external programmer only has an effect on us because we allow it – it is through our self identification that the program exists. If you are not controlling your mind, someone else will do it for you!

Experiential meditation frees the mind.

Mind control: never leave home without it!

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