Psychology rules this modern era, dominating every walk of life. Psychology guides all our choices, and divides our cultures, thereby keeping everything in motion. Our base instincts of ‘self’ preservation (through the emotions), are used to manipulate us in any direction, calling it progress. Psychology promotes our pre-occupation with self image: it divides hearts and minds.

 Tibetan Buddhism is all about psychology: it counteracts the ideology of ‘self’ promotion, and unites hearts and minds.

 If we want to solve a problem, we have to identify the problem. Knowledge is neutral, being neither good nor bad. It’s all about use of knowledge. Psychology may be used to heal or destroy, and it is up to us to know which is which.

 However, this is not at all easy to see, as the promotion of healing may actually be destruction in disguise: the contrary is also true – destruction may be healing. It depends what you want to destroy, and what you want to heal!


 Buddhist psychology

is all about emptiness

– our first nature.


Modern psychology

is all about personality

– our second nature.








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