On many forums, there is much spoken about “Aliens”. Some even claim to talk with them: it’s worrying how mundane those conversations are! There’s nothing one could respond to with an, “Oh, now that is interesting!” Having a big shiny motor is no guarantee of wisdom, and neither is a deluded imagination. They fail to see that those who talk about such matters place themselves as intercessors, through whom the “Aliens” talk (reminds you of anything?), creating hope and fear in others. Suspicious to say the least…

If there is such a thing as reincarnation, then we are all “Aliens”, having had infinite incarnations throughout the universe (and who, incidentally, have no need for mundane flying saucers!)

There is much in this Samsaric world to worry about, especially Hope, Fear and Ignorance. Adding to this by speculating does not help. In fact, it fuels even more Hope, Fear and Ignorance.

We are all “Aliens” with Buddha nature, but we are ignorant of that fact.

Anything that moves

and makes decisions has awareness.

Anything that has awareness has Buddha nature.

Anything that recognises its Buddha nature has Compassion.

Anything that does not recognise its Buddha nature is ignorant.

Anyone running around talking about other “Aliens” is foolish.

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2 Responses to ALIENS

  1. daisymae21 says:

    An individual may have a feeling of “oneness” within themselves (perhaps as in the unity of the two truths?) but not everyone will have the feeling of oneness all at the same time. Some people seem to be suggesting that this is something we should all aim for, but I don’t see it as ever having manifested in this world.

    True compassion must be “oneness” but that is still one being one with another’s suffering – I can’t see that the one who is suffering would be feeling “oneness”. it seems that we all experience moments of what we might term “oneness” – but i think it’s safe to say that not other beings are experiencing that “oneness” at the very same moment.

    You’ve got me thinking again, Tony!

  2. tony says:

    Hello Daisymae,
    Perhaps this is to do with being able to empathise. There is something at the back of my mind that wishes for “oneness” but that’s my ego talking.

    …back to those Aliens!


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