Simplicity in dark times.

 I had a dream last night: two of my teachers, from different traditions, came and gave me a ‘bonk’ on the head (touching foreheads is a traditional Tibetan greeting). One cut some of my hair (this symbolises taking refuge).

The strange thing was, I couldn’t understand a word they were saying, but the ‘bonk’ said everything. It reminded me of simplicity, renunciation and humility.

Sometimes, the Dharma can sound complicated, lofty, and a little wordy. All that matters is knowing empty essence, and understanding that anything that appears in empty essence is merely a mental projection.

At our darkest time – the moment of death, when due to sickness and weakness our minds can be a little fuddled – simplicity is of utmost importance.

We are living in dark times, and it is easy to get carried away with what is going on in the darkness. Being so distracted, we lose simplicity and clarity. Once we have realised clarity, simplicity is the reminder (or however you wish to word it) of our natural being.

When we know fearless simplicity in the darkness,

Appearances will be beneficial reminders.

If we do not recognise empty clarity, all appearances will be

Scary projections.


( Interestingly, since my wife and I put an earthing sheet on the bed, we are having more vivid dreams. All this is, is a conductive thread cris-crossing the sheet, and wired into the earth (only) socket, or wired to an earthed radiator!)

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