Don’t regret.

 Everything that happens in life is a lesson. From lessons, we learn…or not! If we use intelligence, and recognise emotions and the value of compassion, then we will be facing in the right direction. Of course, we make mistakes, or do not have enough data, but if we are open, we will progress. If we have the right intention, answers will come! It can take time for us to assimilate information before we can move on, without forcing ourselves.

 Feeling regret, guilt or pressure is an obstacle which weigh us down: we need time and space to recognise clearly what is taking place in the mind.

 In the last few days before my father’s death, I asked him, “What do you feel about your life?” He just replied, “Resentment.” This was a shock to me, and I felt sadness that there was nothing I could say to help him, at that time.

 We will keep going through the same scenarios until we learn lessons, however painful these may be.


I slept, and life meant nothing.

I dreamed that life was entertainment.

I awoke and found that life was duty.

In duty, I found love.

In love, I melt.


If we are open to learning without expectations,

we return to a child’s joy.








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