The Path.


The spiritual path is that

which removes our confusion.

Our confusion created the path.

The path is our confusion.


Although our essence is clear,

mind and brain have confused wiring!

It takes time to ‘fire and wire’*.


Keep logical and simple to suit.

Too many texts

can confuse the mind.

If you like complicated,

go deeper.







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1 Response to THE PATH

  1. daisymae21 says:

    Tony, I couldn’t agree more! I’ve spent quite a few years in the study of spirituality, and have been involved in a range of different groups – I’m taking a break from from all that, at least for the moment, mainly because I find, in general, things are made too complex. When I began looking into this stuff, of course, I read everything that I could lay my hands on, in the same way that one does when one’s learning anything.
    But it’s been really important for me to step back from all that acquisition of information/knowledge for a while, and reflect on what it is that really touches me. That can affect a change in me. A bit like a (very!) mini version of Marpa’s realisation that the loss of precious text into the river wasn’t truly a loss, as their essence was held in his heart.

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