Futile diligence creates karma.


The more we concentrate, the more we can concentrate.

The more we can concentrate, the more we can focus.

The more we can focus, the more we are aware.

The more we are aware, the freer we are.

The more we are free, the more confident we are.

The more the confidence, the more the love.


We have incredible abilities!


So, how are we spending our precious time? If we recognise truth, and know it to be our true nature, why are we still involved in futile diligence? We spend most of our lives building a karmic bank of filters, through which we see everything. This creates scenarios for the future, that we must then live through. It makes life more complicated, and it’s thus harder to concentrate!

 Exhausting karma dissolves the filters.

 We have to make a decision on how much of our time we waste reacting, and how much time we spend being aware. It’s not a matter of being aware of this and that and this: it’s a matter of awareness itself.

 Getting angry can not change the world, but the energy and wisdom of that anger can. The mutual support of good will, based on intelligence, learning and compassion, can do much to make this a better world.

 The way in which we spend every moment of our time either closes our view or opens our view. We need to recognise our incredible abilities, which are unlimited.



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