Recognition in the Kali Yuga

 The Kali Yuga is the dark age of strife.

Its hallmark is confusion and despair,

created by our own likes and dislikes.

 Mara/demons lies in ambush,

feeding on this confusion and despair.

 We have two natures of dark and light

and need to recognise both, constantly.

Shakyamuni’s final helpers were Mara –

so it’s not all bad news!

Spiritually, we know that all appearances are mere illusions, but if we knock our shin on a metal bar it will hurt, for a while. Ouch! Many of our brothers and sisters are not so spiritually inclined (too busy or vacant) and their pain will last for a lifetime or longer. The pain we share is the same: that is the root of our empathy and compassion.

In this The Age of Strife – the Kali Yuga – the world is in a very dark place. Strife is profitable.Wars are happening now, and people are suffering and dying – they’re saying more than ouch. There is but one enemy…us.

Here, ‘us’ has two meanings: us as a collective, and us as individuals. We ourselves have created an illusory identity and there are those who use this illusory identity to keep us as a collective, enslaved through materialism and fear. There is an elite in this world, who want to maintain their wealth and power, and use manipulation in order to do so.

Laws are changing. Surveillance is increasing. The police are becoming military. The media distracts. Food is of poor quality, so we need drugs (chemicals). This creates uncertainty and instability – the age of strife! Strife pits people against one another: does anyone you know actually want war?

A word creeping into usage is “sustainability”. Remember that word! Words and phrases can enter our languages to justify something, and here, “sustainability” means “austerity”. This shows a subtle use of psychology and neurolinguistic programming (words that makes me laugh and cry are those such as “collateral damage” and, “Things go better with a certain soft drink”…better for whom?!)

Strife is a double edged sword, just as all emotions are. Strife can work as a catalyst for change, clearly revealing the pointlessness of clinging to our material way of life.

This Age of Strife can brighten our minds (if our brain haven’t had too many chemicals!). The manipulators lack wisdom: they do not realise that they actually enhance the realisation of our true nature. Remember – the last helper to the Buddha was Mara!

 We have within us two natures,

Buddha nature and Mara nature.

Light and Dark.

We need to recognise both constantly

as they are the two truths.



















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  1. crestedduck says:

    It has always seemed to me that we all are capable of being aware of both, but each of us has a propensity/predisposition, to lean towards a certain/distinct type of personal nature (light/dark,pos/neg). Be that nature through dna/family, or caused by environmental circumstances out of ones personal control.
    It all comes down to personal choices, and reaping what we sow…….as a individual, or as a collective of individuals.

  2. tony says:

    Hello Rob,
    The result of all this is (as you say) our individual and collective karma. I suppose as this Kali Yuga was predicted, this must mean there are cycles, and cycles within cycles which naturally or karmically occur.

    We expect that a two year old will want to become independent – the terrible two’s!
    Teenagers will be awkward and rebellious.
    Twenties to thirties will know it all.
    Forties to fifties will doubt.
    Sixties will blame, start to understand something, but get too tired to do anything about it.
    Seventies will …I’ll let you know! 🙂

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