You don’t have to be ‘spiritual’ to be spiritual.

 Buddhas are empty cognisance suffused with awareness (the knowing quality).

Ordinary beings are empty cognisance suffused with ignorance (not knowing).

 Being spiritually aware is recognising that which is beyond thought. It has nothing to do with wearing ‘spirituality’ as an adornment. At retreats I don’t feel ‘spiritual’ at all, but remember mirror-like awareness and just let things be.

 The actual experience of empty cognisance suffused with awareness (the knowing quality) is beyond words and description, words are unnecessary. (For us, this is a “baby” empty cognisance suffused with awareness)

 We can share this experience while remaining silent and compassionate, or we can use language. Spiritual paths, traditions or vehicles use language slightly differently, and so here we have to be very careful.

In the ordinary run of life, there is no spiritual discussion: there are beliefs, philosophies and theories – that’s all – and so spiritual terminology can get mixed up. Left to ourselves, we will wander all over the place…many times…guessing!

A tradition has steps and subtleties of language through which we build confidence and refine understanding. A tradition will accelerate the process of uncovering and realising liberation. However, this is done by taking the teaching to heart.

As Garab Dorje’s ‘Three Words That Strike The Vital Point” says, “Recognise your own nature, decide on one point and gain confidence in liberation.”

A firm foundation is the recognition of awareness – knowing awareness – the awareness of awareness.

The very subtle refinement of that awareness, is the resting in that awareness of awareness, discovering ‘nothing doing’ – an uncontaminated realm. That is “baby” empty cognisance suffused with awareness, the knowing quality. From that we build a continuity of conduct, with compassion for others naturally occurring.

If we think of ourselves as “spiritual” people,

we are cheating.

Be the compassionate spirit

we naturally are.

In that, we are “ordinary”.


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