Looking for a Higher Self.

 The truth is at the beginning, middle and the end. There are many levels, each using the same words, but the meaning changes – perception refines – the cloud clears. Truth shines though all the layers – the same light, just different intensities.

We can say that obstacles do not exist, but the untrained will still stumble. That is what compassion is all about: help in transcending the levels.

The answer is always in the question.

Sometimes people talk about a higher self, or that realisation is a million miles away (I actually said that to one of my teachers).

It’s not a matter of going “higher and higher”: It’s a matter of losing the confusion, and clarity revealing itself. As the Buddha said, “We are only losing that to which we cling.” Or as Michelangelo explained, “I saw the figure within the marble: all I did was remove the waste.” We can easily see what we are holding on to when we observe our reactions.

It’s not a matter of who is right: we all use different language to express ourselves. The answer being found in the question applies to any spiritual question – the answer is to enquire who is asking the question. That which asks the question is the answer. It is that which is aware of the question that is the answer!

An example, taking the question, “What should I be doing?” There are 2 parts to the answer: one is just to be aware of that which is asking the question. At the heart of that is essence, and merely has to be recognised through clarity.

The second part is that, whatever arises in our life is karmically produced from the past and if we react, we only deepen our karma…we are re-enacting! But in the moment of recognising that this situation is a product from the past, no karma is produced. It is karmically neutral, as the karma is in our reactions. It’s not what occurs in life that produces karma: it is our reaction to those events.

The second part of the path to enlightenment is exhausting all karma – purification.

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