Dealing with negativity.

 This is a fundamental, vast and complex subject. It is to do with open-ness and closed-ness – clarity and confusion. There are two aspects to negativity: one is directed at ourselves, and the other, towards others.

Just by being spiritually inclined, we can cause negativity to arise in others, depending on the concepts they hold. Others’ ‘spirituality’ can drive us up the wall! I sometimes wonder whether the “new age agenda” is confusing people.

We are naturally open beings, exhibiting clarity and compassion. However, there are two of us in this mind-body setup: pure being, and an obscuring personality. A red car goes by, and our obscuring personality says, “Oo, there’s a red car!” Pure being already perceives that.

This closing down seems to slip in, just before an emotional flare up is identified, and just after the original wakefulness has reflected something – which is what is meant by openness. This closing is a karmic reaction. Opening has no karma attached.

We are opening and closing all the time. It sometimes feels like the film “Ground Hog Day”… “There I go again!” (there the “I” goes again…)

By recognising all of this, a situation won’t overwhelm us – overtake us – mind control us!

We are going to investigate attracting negativity, ie Demons/Mara/Archons. Throughout history, demons are mentioned: are they real or not? Here we have to use our faculties of experience, inference and trust. Not everything is provable at any one time, and much depends on our capacity… and openness!

We attract both positive and negative energies. We…do…this.

Just observe, when gossiping or finding fault with someone, how it encourages others to do the same. This attracts negative energies – Demons/Mara/Archons. Whether these are external or not, it seems to be part of our psyche – our obscuring personality – so we can see this happening. And, as we are embodied beings, there must be dis-embodied beings who might feel and act the same way. They can get attracted to our negativity and positivity.

(when I say, “must be disembodied beings”, we need to use experience, inference or trust: the test of this is that some situations just feel negative, and we may not know why. This is not to be used as an excuse, but it is something to be aware of).

Positivity is a slippery word. It would be better to say neutrality – just being open. This neutrality is total openness. Positivity can be a little sticky, as we can claim it, creating a duality, and therefore a negativity. Yes, this is complex… 😉

If one is being closed minded, one is attracting further negativity.

If one is being open minded, the demons are still interested – waiting for the oscillation!

If one is being neutral (pure perception) there is nothing to get hold of.

I asked my teacher, “What can I do about mara?” He reply was, “Remain in emptiness.”

I asked my teacher, “What can I do about death?” He reply was, “Remain in emptiness.”

Remaining in emptiness is remaining in pure perception. Nothing can touch you, and there is nothing to fear.

If there are demons, then they are not happy beings. If we look, we can see unhappy demons all around us. So how to deal with this?

People (whoops, I mean demons!) have two aspect to them. Like us, there is a percentage of dark and light…more or less. If we condemn selfish acts (for that is what demonic action are) we merely feed negativity. This does not help people (whoops, I mean demons!). If we praise them, we merely condone and join them. So what to do?

Within our practice, we have to acknowledge them, and allow them space…emptiness. Their ‘light’ side will be attracted and find peace. This is the most compassionate act you can do…just be. Not condemning or praising. Just being. It is a deep, subtle reminder for them and you.

Inner peace cuts through confusion.
Inner peace is emptiness.
Emptiness include everything
and everyone.

 Here is an interesting, short video. It’s to do with the illusion of wealth, power and “I deserve it.” Experiments were done at Berkeley showing how the illusion of power and wealth corrupts people, and how they maintain their corruption. It’s how demons work! If we are worldly people, we will wish to hit them – or emulate them. Either way, this contributes to Demon/Archon/Mara activity. See how it works?

It is in the seeing (awareness) that liberation is possible.
In the moment of seeing, awareness is self liberated.

In the moment of self liberating awareness,
the cosmic joke arises:
our belief that the thing we hold dear is real….me!
“I am.”
The greatest joke 🙂

There is much humour in holding on to that which we have to lose.

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