Spiritual information and study.

Study is acquiring teachings, reflecting, experiencing and turning the information into knowledge. Through study, we can join up the dots, and recognise the complete picture of the nature of mind. It goes without saying that meditation is part of this experience. Through this study and meditation, we discover wisdom and non meditation…effortless awareness.

The most profound effect of genuine study and practice is compassion for all sentient beings, as we now understand their true nature, and that of all objects in the universe. That nature is Shunyata – Emptiness!

If we remain at merely gathering information and do not study, we shall also be empty. Empty of genuine experience, empty of wisdom and empty of compassion.

Spiritual teachings are self secret. If they are not received in the right frame of mind, and not practised, then they will not be understood. In fact, they won’t even be heard! We will merely gloss over the words.

The teachings have to be taken to heart, and investigated, as gold is tested for quality. We have to understand the teachings and know the teachings. Listening to teachings and reading books will direct us on the path, but we have to tread that path.

Genuine, authentic relationship with the teachings and the teacher inspires us to also work for the benefit of others – not for recognition or fame, but from genuine concern for their suffering.

Wisdom is hidden in the mud of the mind.
It merely has to be search for,
recognised and washed.

Bodhisattva Vow.

Just as the earth and the other three elements, together with space,
eternally nourish and sustain all beings.

So may I become that source of nourishment and sustenance which
maintains all beings situated throughout space, as long as all
have not attained to peace.

When the Sugatas of former times committed themselves to the
Bodhicitta, they gradually established themselves
in the practice of a Bodhisattva.

So I too commit myself to the Bodhicitta for the welfare of beings
and will gradually establish myself in the practice of a Bodhisattva.

Today my birth has become fruitful; my birth as a human is justified.
Today I am born in the Buddha family; I am now a child of the Buddha.

Now I an determined to perform those acts appropriate to my family;
I will not violate the purity of this faultless noble family.

Just as a blind man wandering about comes upon a jewel in a heap
of refuse, so apparently by chance, the Bodhicitta is born in me.

That supreme amrita destroying death. The inexhaustible hidden
treasure relieving the universal poverty.

The supreme cure for calming the universal ill, the tree which shelter
beings weary of wandering the paths of samsara.

The vehicle for all travellers passing over distress.
The moon of mind which cools the heat of desire.

The great sun dispelling the obscurity of ignorance, the butter made
from churning the milk of the Dharma.

The great happiness for those travellers wandering the path of samara
searching for object of enjoyment.

In the presence of all the Buddhas, I have invited all the Tathagatas
and all beings as my guests.
Devas and Asuras rejoice.

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