Breaking the programming.

 From childhood, we are bombarded with subtle traumas, even in game play and interactions. Every time we react, this increases our karma. Karma is the result, or imprint, left in the mind, due to our fixations, which acts as a filter through which we see everything. And so, we are self-programmed to continually react the same old way. It’s like a turntable record we keep playing…deepening the grooves.

 If we do not change, how are we different from robots, mechanically going about their day?

 To break out of this self-programming, we must first be aware of it. This is not at all easy, as whatever we experience seems so real, but is only a result of programming.

 Sitting quietly and not following thoughts – just being aware – is the start.

That is what meditation is all about…breaking the programme.


The best prison
is one where we do not realise
we are in a prison.

 The best prison
is one where we enjoy ourselves
but we are still in prison

 The best prison
is the one from which
we have just escaped.

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