Two steps to enlightenment.

Wisdom and means.

Identify identification.
Undo identification.



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  1. crestedduck says:

    This involves the matter of “balance&extremes”…I/we all must be our own cheerleader and identify with ourselves to accomplish anything and self motivate yourself and inspire others to try to ascend. Balance is to do with keeping the constant reaffirming positive cheerleading mostly in your mind,but you must express yourself and intentions, and prove/express of deserving energy/respect dealing others. When the one you’re trying to communicate with doesn’t understand this concept….they throw the EGO card at you and destroy/confuse/ruin everything .

    • tony says:

      You are right about being one’s own cheerleader. Maybe we can turn that up a notch and become Warriors-with-pompoms, now that would be scary! Anyone who throws EGO cards, reveals an EGO that is throwing them.

      If someone hurls abuses and we remain neutral, the abuse goes straight back to its owner. Call it a pompom blessing…there is no malice in it!


  2. daisymae21 says:

    I love the simplicity of this, Tony.

  3. daisymae21 says:

    Hello Crested Duck
    I really appreciate your heartfelt honesty here. Isn’t it so sad when people who consider themselves “spiritual” use their spirituality as a weapon?
    Kind regards

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