Obscured by Spiritual Jargon.

 Teachings are meant to clarify understanding, not to make one feel inadequate.

 Slogans like “Monkey Mind” may be a phrase used to describe the next door neighbour’s kids, but it’s not for spiritual seekers. It’s a phrase that can make us think we are stupid: it keeps us in infancy, clouding natural intelligence.

 These phrases suggest that we are not good enough. They can also be used to make us feel superior: both obscure pure perception. That is so sad. All we achieve is bowing lower, creating inverted pride. This is not the way of a spiritual warrior – or a spiritual engineer. Humility does not mean pretending to be weak.

 This is why Dzogchen is so powerful, as it is direct seeing – pure awareness. That which is calling itself “Monkey Mind” is awareness…that’s enough! We don’t have to keep beating ourselves up…essence is already knows. It’s like saying, “Oo, there’s a truck coming!” Essence is already aware of that.

 Concentrate on Buddha Mind, not monkey mind.

however clever and wise,
is not the actual experience.

 We have to work within our culture.
Fitting ourself into the culture of others
may be more painful than you think.




 ( I’ve got a slogan: watch out for slogans!)





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