Dealing with others’ assumptions.

 First, we have to realise that we have a few assumptions of our own…just accept that others come from different planets 🙂 – even Buddhists in the same tradition, studying with the same teacher.

 We can agree to a certain extent, but then we have to feel our own way in the darkness.

 The Dharma is a guide, a map, a travel brochure, and is very important. But there comes a time when we have to put our boots on and actually feel the journey for ourselves (the trouble with metaphors is that they can lead us into the wrong assumptions – it’s a journey to nowhere of course!).

 There is an assumption that we should all get on, but the closer we look, the more we see the differences. And that’s OK. It’s OK because we appreciate and respect these differences, and that’s down to confidence.


We wear two hats – student and teacher.
We learn and teach,
something that is obvious in every conversation.

As students, we act as philosophers,
challenging one another.
As teachers, we act as siddhis,
reflecting one another.

 We may not be at one,
but there can still be harmony in diversity.
That’s empathy and compassion in action.



PS I’m making an assumption that anyone is reading this…!






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