A World of Deception = Suffering

 Our consciousness was driven to Earth and into a human body by our karma, because we ignored the three principles of this relative universe: desire, aversion and ignorance. Every thing, from atom to planet, obeys this principle.

 We are not supposed to be here!
We should be at home
in a Buddha realm 🙂
with our enlightened family.

 Once we realise the true nature of these three negative energies, they not longer control us: we take the control back. This is our positive potentiality – knowing.

 For now, we are subject to self deception and misunderstanding, and therefore we suffer. If we have achieved a nice cosy nest for ourself, then we have acquired a double deception – delusion. We have just made our delusion real. It is a real delusion! This is our other potentiality: ignorance – not knowing.

 Buddha said:
“Your realisation depends on you.”
He did not say,
“Your realisation depends on me.”

 However, there is another aspect to our lives. We live in a world of deception. As well as our personal delusions, there are the delusions of those around us. More importantly – and this is not discussed in Buddhist circles – there are those who take advantage of our delusion to feather their own nests, creating strife in the world, dividing people, and acquire more feathers! They have Mara potentiality – demonic potentiality.

 This demonic potentiality is turning the world into a toilet,
and humans are being flushed down it.
In these modern times,
saving the planet doesn’t mean
saving the people on it!

 There are two ways to deal with this insidious situation. One is on a personal level: we maintain inner peace so that clarity may be manifest. The other level is to help others become aware of the situation they live under. As practitioner, we cannot ignore the suffering of others, but whether they recognise this situation is up to them.

 Buddha said:
“Your realisation depends on you.”
He did not say,
“Your realisation depends on me.”


(In Tibetan Buddhism, one may do Yidam/Deity practice to dispel demons. If one has an angry personality (like myself) one uses wrathful deity practice to dispel wrong views. I have done this for several years…and it works! However, I did have a problem with believing in Mara activity, until I realised what was going on in the world.)

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  1. Kathie says:

    “We’re no supposed to be here” is one of Tony and my favourite sayings: it comes from a time when we were camping in the Pyrenees mountains, in deep snow – and a beautiful, long haired, three legged cat with a princess-like demeanour appeared from out of nowhere and snuggled down in the bed between us, tucking itself neatly under the duvet. At 3am it got up, went out for a pee, came back – with icy paws – and settled itself down again. In that wild, deserted place, it had an air of “I’m not supposed to be here you know”…

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