…continuing from yesterday.

 Because of stillness, clarity comes to the fore, or rather, our mental contaminations drop away. This clarity illumines questions with which our mind is concerned. Clarity answers its own questions: it scans the mind for data – sometimes we might not have enough specific data, and so it returns to stillness.

 Buddhism strips down a question into its components, and uses what could be termed ‘lateral thinking’, where one asks the basic question, “What do the elements consist of?” An example might be asking the question, “What is my purpose in life?”: one would break down what was meant by “my”, “purpose” and “life”.

 Once empty essence is recognised, everything else is understood. This does not mean we can change the world. However, our view changes, and by seeing nothing as permanent, we are less attached. In this way, we do not add to the karmic theatre, but give it space to run itself out, thereby not creating fresh karma.

 Quite often, silence is golden, as anything said may not even be heard.

 Many a time, I’ve gone to see a Lama with questions, and he didn’t really say anything, but I came away feeling…everything is alright…what a relief! That is the power of clarity’s presence.

 That non-reaction is the enlightened compassionate activity of: Pacifying, Magnetising, Enriching and Destroying…it can happen all at once!


Uncontaminated clarity which is empty essence,
creates compassion.
Every action done out of selfless compassion
has tremendous power,
because it comes from clarity.



NB. We all have this clarity, but don’t notice its significance because we become involved in our physical and mental states.  

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