Our world based on manipulation, laziness and stupidity.

 These are individual and collective actions,
which maintain our present world.
Ignorance filters down to everyday life.

controllers driven by zero empathy: ignorance
controlled by greed: desire
conned by fear: aversion

 Every sentient being is controlled through their ignorance of their true nature.
The controllers are the secret societies
The controlled are the wealthy
The conned are the ordinary people

 These three poisons govern this world
and us as individuals:
ignorance, desire and aversion.

 If we engage in these poisons, each one of us
is lazy
and stupid

 We cut through these poisons with the sword of wisdom,
when we see what is going on
in our own minds.

The sword of wisdom is clarity and love.

 When we are clear,
this doesn’t mean the world is clear.
But if we play the part of a Bodhisattva,
engendering the altruistic attitude,
we do what we can.


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