Death of the old year, birth of the new

We are coming up to the end of the year. How are you?

Is there a looseness in the ego? Is the ego clinging less to fixated ideas.
Do you feel more confident? In the recognition of that which never changes.
Is there more carefree warmth? Confidence allowing carefree generosity to manifest.


Do you feel more tight? Holding on more firmly to ideas.
Are you not so sure? Doubting.
Does your temper blow hot and cold? Emotionally charged.

Whatever manifests is neither good or bad: it is just a residue. Spit into your hand. Is it disgusting? The same spit is still in your mouth. Is that good or bad? Or is it just spit?

Knowing that awareness is present is wisdom. Wisdom accepts karma and allows it to ripen by non-interference (detachment) and thereby it is exhausted. Wisdom does not create karma: attachment does. Whatever occurs could be that which finally breaks the shell, be it a clucking of desire, the rotten fruit of hatred, a slithering of ignorance…any of these can exposure our true nature and end all suffering (in Tibetan iconography, the symbol of a chicken is hate, a pig is desire and a snake is ignorance).

Our path is our confusion: it is our fixation upon these non-existent obstacles. Whatever arises is playing itself out. All we need to do is recognise and be at peace. Be happy with that, be content, be generous. Of course, the world is confused and in a mess, and the least we can do is not add to it.

We may not know what enlightenment is, but we do know knowing. We are aware of awareness, and that the first instant of all negative emotions is wisdom, which is the recognition of pure essence.



With a good ending
we may have a good beginning.

 May all sentient beings find happiness
and the cause of happiness.










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