Doing Better is Impossible

 Doing better is impossible. Doing better is judgemental, and is therefore driven by desire and aversion. In that driven state of mind there is no end to bettering. “I must improve myself, I must improve others.”

If we want to do better,
better to let be.

When recognised, mind and essence are naturally clear. If this was not so, we’d miss our mouth every time to tried to put food into it! We are this clarity – pure awareness. We do not have to do better: pure awareness naturally sees. Then, through compassion, and through this mind and body, pure awareness may act…or not.

When clarity sees the sky it just sees. When it tastes, it just tastes. When it hears, it just hears. It (we) does not have a problem: when clarity is recognised, there is no doubt.

External and inner appearances are the way they are, due to causes and conditions. There is no point in trying to change the world. It’s far too complicated…impossible! We are in a collective confusion.

 Something, however, is obscuring our natural clarity. “ ‘I’ want things better.” In this wanting, we subtly create trouble for ourselves and others around us. We jump in feet first. “Hey ‘I’ can improve this!” when all that is actually needed is space – generous compassionate space. Compassionate communication is a reminder of this space.

 This allows those causes and conditions, which are the obscurations, to be seen clearly. This is meditation. First, we have to recognise what it is that wants to make things better: compassion or ego.


Ego says,“I experience stillness.”

Pure awareness says, “ ”















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  1. crestedduck says:

    There is a point in trying to change the world for the betterment of all beings ! I have Real Hope and Change to offer, unlike the false intentions of the evil” first one….the one called Obama” !

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