The Psychology of Evil

 The dictionary translates Satan as ‘an adversary’, Lucifer as ‘the morning star’, ‘bringer of light’ or ‘fallen angel’, and Devil as ‘evil spirit’.

 From the Buddhist point of view, the Devil/Lucifer/Satan have as much reality as Father Christmas: these terminologies can easily be seen from a buddhist perspective.

 Have you ever met Satan, the Devil or Lucifer? For that matter, have you ever met God?

 The idea of an external evil puts the blame onto something outside ourselves to fear, and therefore we then need intercessors. So, what do we actually know for ourselves?

 We know we have awareness, for without that, nothing would ever be known…even God! So our own awareness is something very precious, as it can recognise the truth. Through meditation we come to recognise that this awareness can have a purity about it…pure, uncontaminated awareness…our essential nature of luminosity…pure being. It’s just there, all the time: “You are that which you seek.”

 So where is the Devil and God in all this? The Devil and God are the dark and the light – our two potentials. Evil is only that which obscures our own light…our clinging to concepts, which creates negative emotions – evil spirits!

 Read up on the devil, lucifer and satan, and come to your own conclusions.
When we give in to evil spirits, we give in to selfishness: we become fallen angels.
These negative obscurations are themselves our adversaries.


We can now control our own destiny.
The devil (our ego-clinging) knows we have free will,
but makes us believe we haven’t!

 We are the guardians of hell and heaven.

 There are fallen angels:
practitioners who acquired powers
but never finished their training.
Thus they hate purity,
and try to cause trouble.

 Evil is merely a mistaken view of ourselves.
For protection, all we need is compassion for all.


















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  1. Alison says:

    You wish!

    • tony says:

      Hello Alison,
      I’m not quite sure what your comment is referring to, could you elaborate?

      That article was written four years ago, perhaps it needs further explanation.

      Different traditions use language in different ways, and even in the same tradition our understanding of the meaning can change.

       “Evil is only that which obscures our own light…our clinging to concepts, which creates negative emotions – evil spirits!” …“For protection, all we need is compassion for all.”


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