Healing the effects of evil

Even though evil is a psychological problem, it is dealt with from a spiritual perspective.

Evil is that which causes harm. The process of protecting ourselves and others, and thereby healing, is by not consenting to outer and inner influences. Very simply, this is achieved by not reacting, and recognising our true nature, we therefore can then recognise anything that intends to obscure this pure nature.

Evil is the accumulation of defilements in the mind: anything that obscures pure vision. If you want to see pure awareness at work, merely look at your own hand: you find that there is nothing to think about. Just observe. It’s that simple. That same pure vision observes all phenomena and concepts within the mind. If we deal with the psychology of the mind with more psychology, we end up with…more psychology. If we deal with it through more philosophy, we end up with more…theories and ideas. Our power rests within our spiritual aspect.

The world around wants us to consent to its fantasies. I know this will sound trite, but our only weapon is love, and the understanding that evil has no inherent existence. This doesn’t mean there are not dark forces, but they can only exist by feeding off the insecurities and emotions that have their origin in a feeling of I, our imagined self.

If we can arrive at a state of trust, then we can proceed. In my garden there are five pheasants and two partridges. These were wild creatures that could only utilise their primitive brains of fight, flight and freeze. Now they peck on our door when it’s time for dinner. Trust has allowed their primitive brains to transcend, and we can sit together in the garden. Once we tame our mind, we can do some useful work, being of benefit to others and transcending squabbles.

Once we recognise the fact that defilements (attitude) can be recognised and identified in our own minds, then they can be transcended and laid to rest. In doing this, we can identify with the feelings of others.

Evil is an illusion in the mind. Healing takes place in the mind. Whether recognition of this can heal our physical situation will depend on the weight of individual and collective karma: in karmic law, no action or re-action goes unnoticed by our own mind. This law of cause and effect applies to both good and harmful actions. This is the cloud that surrounds us, held together by the feeling of “me” (ego). Through practical practice we can learn to work with a mere ego, a mere I.

If someone comes up to us with a present of abuse, and we do not consent to the present by not reacting, the present stays with the presenter.  

Essence is beyond the eight worldly concerns are divided into four pairs of opposites: gain and loss, praise and blame, good reputation and bad reputation, and pleasure and pain.

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