Alien Contacts

Are there aliens?
Well, yes and no.

We must use logic to dispel fantasy, and see what remains. We then dispel that which remains with wisdom, and arrive at the truth – our essential nature. That’s what it’s all about, after all!

If we consider reincarnation, then we are all (every being in the universe) aliens taking rebirth somewhere, in some realm, in some form. If we have had infinite rebirths, then we have been aliens of all sorts…we just forget this.

In Tibetan text, the Bardo is mentioned. ‘Bardo’ means gap, the gap between death and birth (there are also three Bardos in death, and four in life).

Just after death, we are invited to the higher realms (these appearances may be interpreted in many ways), but because of our propensity to cling to a self image and emotions, we turn away and gravitate to one of the six sentient realms…again! (more detailed information about these realms is on this blog).

Towards the end of the death process comes the “Bardo of Becoming” where we choose our next incarnation (but this is actually dictated by our attitude – karma – which drives us to take a resultant form). Every sentient being in any dimension goes through this process, until enlightened. To repeat: if this is so, then we have all been “aliens”. We are aliens now…I know I am 😉 !

Every reported alien encounter I have read has expressed superficial, vague ideas with smatterings of platitudes. It’s like something from a comic for the needy, given to us by an ‘adorable’ uncle. You know the type I mean! No information purported to have been received from “aliens” ever – EVER – comes up the the standard of the Buddha’s understanding and teachings . From what I can gather, we know more about the nature of reality than these ‘aliens’ communicate to us via these ‘adorable’ uncles.

We even hear from certain people who think themselves sages (‘adorable’ uncles) to whom the aliens speak. Anything that comes into our mind may be – and is – interpreted in many ways. These voices can appear to come from aliens, or God: I don’t know whether this is the same thing, but every day I am inspired to write something. This is due to having received precious wisdom from authentic masters of the Buddha’s teachings, which I synthesise and then write down. I suppose I could claim that this is communication from aliens, or God, but neither would be true. These writings also come from a lot of practice and study, and are provable beyond any belief.

Everything in the mind is a creation…make-believe…and people are highly suggestible, as shown in this video. The Asch conformity experiment
We can be made to believe anything, because we lack true confidence in our true reality. So, we make a reality up, or worse – conform to another’s reality. I’ve attended retreats where this type of behaviour has gone on: sentimentality in the guise of spirituality. In a world of computer games and fantasy films, it’s easy to hypnotise people, especially children, who do not ever grow up. The hypnotist-craftsman merely nudges us along, deeper into the dream.

If you want to contact an alien, just talk to a neighbour or member of the family…even your own self image. What every alien thinks is already in your own mind, and that of others. Have you ever wondered why we, as humans, are so different – despite all experiencing identical emotions?

Conspiracy theorists maintain that films reflect what is going on (especially sci-fi films): they are merely part of the illusion created to preserve our hypnotic state. It is frighteningly easy to make the masses believe anything.

Aliens – you just gotta love ’em 😉

There are couple of French partridges that visit our garden every day.
Who knows?
They could be a two reincarnated Pleiadians.
Nothing is fixed.

NB this is not to deny that there are conspiracies and atrocities going on, but the “alien agenda” is a distraction.

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