We can still enjoy the illusion

If we do not notice that everything is impermanent, we will become caught up in a seeming reality. If our observational skills become sloppy, and we are taken in by the claims of others, we will not see this, and merely join in a pointless parade.

If things were real, they would be permanent โ€“ but they’re not!

The only ‘things’ that are permanent are space and pure awareness (actually, I came up with a third โ€“ mathematical formula. I’ve had some blank looks from students and teachers about this, but if we have the same ingredients and conditions, we will always create a cookie…but I’m open to being talked down on that one! ๐Ÿ™‚ )

Whatever…we can still enjoy the cookies!

The body survives in a healthy state because we are good to it. This, in turn, helps us feel relaxed, as long as we are not excessive. The enjoyment actually comes from knowing that things are impermanent: think of a flower or in the changing weather (English weather is quite exciting that way!). There is a spontaneous moment…then it goes…and there’s always another just behind! ๐Ÿ™‚

Even though everything has only a seemingly reality, we can still enjoy touch, smell, taste, sight and sounds. After all, it’s what the body does, and there is much that is pleasing. Good communication is pleasing. Satisfying a need is pleasing. It’s also pleasing to experience neutral states: if we pleasured our selves all the time, it would get boring. Ah, breathing’s ok! ๐Ÿ™‚ The trick is not to get stuck in the pleasing.

When we see the illusion for what it is and enjoy it, there lies humour – โ€œAh! Got caught again!โ€ We can then just let it go. Not seeing the illusion is a mistake, and a mistake is funny! I paint in oils, and every painting comes out differently. Sometimes I wish I had a style, but then that would get boring, so I just have to enjoy the changes!

We need time to stop and enjoy and be healthy human beings, laughing – simply laughing – at simple things. (I can’t tell you how uncool my wife and I are…and it’s getting worse…is that better?! We’ve played โ€œpinch punch first of the monthโ€ for 36 years now…I think I’m winning…but there again, so does she…)

Dharma is not sophisticated and serious.
Sophisticated and serious is what samsara is all about.

Acknowledging and enjoying the illusion is what compassion is all about.
It’s a constant reminder of smug-free, childlike joy.

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