Demon Activity is a Shock!

We receive positive blessings from enlightened beings, and we also receive negative blessings from demons. When you receive blessings from demons, you won’t want to hear about the Dharma: the understanding about the relationship of the two truths – conventional and ultimate.

“You won’t want to hear about the Dharma.”
Makes you think, doesn’t it?
When we realise this, it’s quite a shock.

Shantideva: Whatever harm there is in the world, whatever the fear and suffering, all these arise from ego-clinging. That is the greatest demon. There is nothing to fear with the outer demons in relation to that. Therefore it is through ignorance, attachment and aggression – through these poisons within us – that the demons can appear as outside entities.

It’s quite a shock when we realise that,
when we receive blessings from demons,
“We won’t want to hear about the Dharma.”

“But Mrs. Brown, the nice neighbour, is such a kind person – she’s not demonic!”

Here we have to be very sensitive. Remember: we are controlled by fear (aggression) and pleasure (attachment), by being ignorant of the relationship of the two truths. This is precisely what the Dharma is about – the teachings of the two truths – and not about how to be a nice person and do one’s duty according to convention. This is merely being caught up in conventional reality only.

And to be honest, if we push nice Mrs. Brown into a discussion about the meaning of life, it will be vague, she will feel uncomfortable and even become aggressive. We have just squeezed the mind and the demon shows its face. Remember: we have both potentials of dark and light.

It’s all down to our clinging to a fixed idea about ourselves and life, and wanting to live the dream the advertisers always talk about. The Dharma is about recognising ultimate truth within conventional truth, and not having the wool pulled over our eyes, but seeing the truth for ourselves.

Demonic activity is quite a shock.
When recognised, it helps us
traverse the path
with empathy and compassion.

Our path is merely our own confusion.
Demon activity intensifies our aggression or attachment
so that, when recognised, it is easier to see.

When we recognise demon activity, we can be truly kind!

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