I am 67, my Dad is 28 and my Mum is 7
That’s reincarnation for you!

I had issues with my parents (just the normal ones 🙂 ). I am now 67 and – due to reincarnation – my Dad is now 28, and my Mum is 7: they’ve forgotten all about me. Where are those issues now? They are merely a residue in my mind.

My Mum and Dad will have issues with their new parents: everything comes to pass as it was a temporary arrangement.

So we are now left on our own, to make our own decisions…no more issues. Except the ones with our children!

The highest authority in the universe is truth, and that is pure awareness – our true nature.

It is we who have to take responsibility to discover this. Our spiritual welfare is in our own hands.

It’s like the highest authority in the universe looking for the highest authority in the universe.
Pure awareness looking for pure awareness.
For some, this is God looking for God.
Whatever ‘it’ is, it is not outside us.

From a relative point of view, everything is an issue.
From the absolute point of view, issues do not exist.

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