Keeping Reality at Arm’s Length

Theory is good. Philosophy is good, but it’s not the real thing. We can acquire a polished-looking package, but we are faking it – our laundry still needs cleaning.

Repeating the words of the masters is good, but it’s not genuine personal experience. It is merely repeating words. That’s what clever people do…

…wisdom comes from understanding.

There is sort of laziness, because the actual experience can be uncomfortable, and challenging to our “I” identity. Demonic activity is very subtle. We may find that we are actually passive-aggressive (inwardly seething) towards others who do not conform to ‘our rules’…

…compassion comes from understanding.

We must first accept the way we are; our relative side. Our laundry basket is full of both good and bad karma. It is then that we can empathise, and show compassion to others. We’re not walking, talking, perfect textbooks. If we are, then we’ve missed the whole point…

…confidence comes from understanding.

Reality is the experience of pure, unadorned awareness. All the theories, philosophies, techniques, methods, scriptures, fancy names are about one point and one point only…pure, unadorned awareness.

Change comes from understanding.
Understanding comes from experience.
Experience is empirical.

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